New Trends In Lawyer Marketing

New Trends In Lawyer Marketing

2017 Lawyer Marketing 

Advertising changes as the world changes. As four out of five people use the internet to gather information, the trend in lawyer marketing has changed. Now, attorneys are using the internet to get their message out instead of spending thousands of dollars on print and televisions advertisements. There are many different ways to advertise on the internet. Some are effective, while others are actually a waste of time and of valuable money.

Why Invest In SEO For Your Law Firm

Attorney Search Engine Optimization

Some firms do their lawyer marketing by placing advertisements on sites. These advertisements are much like the advertisements that are placed in print media. They advertise the services offered and give a phone number, but do not give any additional information. That leaves it up to prospective clients to do the research necessary. Most people will just ignore such an advertisement.

Another form of lawyer marketing is through creating a blog. While a blog can get out the information that the firm wishes to convey, it is not a professional website. A blog can be thrown together in a matter of minutes, and content can be updated as often as needed. However, it looks incredibly unprofessional to prospective clients. With all of the different attorneys out there, most people are not going to waste their time on a service that does not look professional.

Free Methods To Get Law Firm Leads

Some attorneys decide that they want free lawyer marketing. They hope to get word of mouth going about their firm by posting on different message boards about their services. Unfortunately, this comes across the wrong way to prospective clients. Posting advertisements on message boards looks like spam.

SEO Lawyer Marketing

Other attorneys offer advice in chat rooms in order to advertise. This can be incredibly dangerous. Giving out advice on the internet without an agreement in place can lead to many problems, and it is not recommended. Also, attorneys that do that give out their advice for free instead of gaining new clients.

Some attorneys go into chat rooms and pretend that they were a client of theirs. Just like giving legal advice online can be dangerous, this can be very dangerous as well. It is false advertisement and can lead to problems for the firm. It is never a good idea for a firm to falsely represent itself to the public.

The best way to advertise online is through a professionally designed website. This kind of advertisement gets the message across in a business like manner. It attracts new clients and has created success for many firms. It can be easy to set up if the firm goes through the right place, and it can also be affordable. It allows for firms to get the message that they want out to the public in a way that the pubic respects. 

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