Legal Separation And Divorce: What Is The Difference?

Legal Separation And Divorce: What Is The Difference?

Marriages are not perfect. And when you and your partner decide to finally break up, you only have two options; legal separation or divorce. A lot of couples are now trying “trial separation” where they live separately and see if they want to take a formal and legal action for their separation or not. So which one should you choose? And what are the differences between these two arrangements? Discover your answers here!

Legal Separation

A legal separation agreement will also discuss the terms of living separately with your partner just like a divorce. The agreement lays down all of the conditions clearly especially about the limits of liability and financial obligations. By writing down the agreement clearly, both parties are protected. Arrangements regarding childcare and the obligations to children will also be discussed in this agreement.

However, legal separation is not allowed everywhere. There are some states that may require separation before proceeding to divorce and there are some that won’t even allow it. So check the list of states that will allow your legal separation before choosing this option.


A divorce is basically ending your marriage through a court judgment. In this option, you have to have a legal reason so you can divorce your partner. If you are already decided to pursue a divorce, you have to file a Complaint For Divorce along with other forms and documents to the Probate and Family Court. The length of the process will depend on a lot of factors like how fast or slow it would take you to complete the requirements and the steps in the process.

Whichever option you might choose, hiring an attorney for the whole process is very important especially if you have no idea about the procedures. Discussing your options with your partner is also very important so it won’t be difficult for both of you. For legal guidance you can search for top divorce lawyer near me and resolve your problems.

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